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About Us

My Inspiration

On January 30, 2019 Virginia Governor and pediatrician Ralph Northam condoned the murder of a baby despite her being completely separated from her mother and breathing on her own outside of her mother's womb. President Trump quickly announced that he was in stark disagreement with this atrocity. These events established my inspiration and motivation and cemented my RED LINE! 12 days later this slogan was given life: 

                        PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS AMERICA'S 20/20 VISION

12 Points of Purpose and Design Symbolized Within the Logo

1.  The “A” that is integrated within the “2” is for “America’s”.

2. The “V” that is integrated within the “A” is for Veterans, Vision and Victory.

3. The "2" in combination with the "A" symbolizes support for the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. 

4.  The forward slash integrated within the “V” is for the 20/20 vision symbol encouraging voters to do their research and see clearly who they are voting for in 2020.

5.  The “V” was intentionally designed to look like a check mark encouraging you to vote in the 2020 election year.

6.  The stars within the zero’s represent the individual states of America.

7.  The open door on the left side of the zeros welcomes all who desire to legally come to America.

8.  The zeros themselves symbolize reinforced Captain America walls that offer protection keeping Americans safe within its borders.

9.  The vision belongs to ALL Americans. It is America’s Vision representing the morals and values that most Americans desire and strive for.

10. Which candidate has America's 20/20 Vision and who will be the face that represents America? Let's make sure it's someone who will protect unborn little boys and girls who have their own blood type and DNA. They are a unique creation! There will NEVER be another person exactly like them for all of eternity.

11.  2020 is the only year in all of history that can harmonize with the 20/20 perfect vision symbol. It's not an accident nor a coincidence that President Trump is our president at this moment in time. President Trump is the right man at the right time with the right plan!

12.  Just as God is woven into our Declaration of Independence and Constitution I designed him into my logo. The 7 stripes in the flag symbolize God's presence within America while the 7 stars above represent God's watchful eye and protection over America.

Every other candidate forces their vision upon Americans. Help me brand President Trump as the one who loves America more than any other candidate and has America's vision.

                   Be a DIFFERENCE MAKER!!!



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Candace Owens, Former Turning Point USA Communications Director and staunch supporter of pro-life organizations, and myself pictured above at the Lincoln Day Fundraiser in Snohomish County Washington. Click below to view her powerful 2019 CPAC speech.